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Scalebreaker Customer Reviews

Please review our products and customer service on behalf of the Scalebreaker Plus range of Limescale removers and water conditioners. Simply email us with your comments good or indifferent in order that we can improve our service and our Scalebreaker Plus Range of water descalers for removing Limescale and continue to offer a real alternative to chemical water softeners and conditioners.


Mrs T. Farnham

Since installing a Scalebreaker unit I have found that I rarely have to clean the kettle or taps. Iam pleased with the unit, and have just ordered one for another property.

Mrs T. Farnham 13th September 2019

Our company uses steam ovens which require water to be sprayed on to heater elements to produce steam. We had major problems with hard limescale which had to be cleared out of the system from time to time and was very time consuming. We tried various recommended methods of trying to eliminate this problem without much success.

We fitted a Scalebreaker PLUS SB02 unit and in a relatively short period of time the limescale was softened and could be easily washed away during our cleaning process. This has meant that we spend less time cleaning the ovens resulting in less down time.with no additional running costs required to use the Scalebreaker unit (other than a minimal amount of electricity) and minimal capital expenditure.

P.C. Penrith, Cumbria

I can already see a difference with the kettle, etc. my shower seems better too, just before the Scalebreaker was installed, it's started giving us trouble - the water went freezing cold and then piping hot, and so on. But it seems fine now, so fingers crossed! Very happy with the unit.

Thanks again


On 19th September 2018 at 09:37, Mrs M Gillingham wrote:

We have had this appliance installed in our home for some weeks now; we live in an old (C1880) house with equally ancient piping, and I cannot begin to tell you the difference our Scalebreaker has made. Not only is the water quality measurably improved (no scum, detergents go further, no more 'dry winter skin', etc) but it is good to drink too. In short, we are delighted and thank you very much for an outstanding product.

On 1st September 2018 at 11:23, Russell Patmore wrote:

We fitted a Scalebreaker unit following the replacement of a heating element in our Bosch washing machine due to scaling after just 24 months use (£150 cost) and the requirement to completely drain our heating system as the insurance failed to pay out on a heat transfer unit in the boiler, this again due to scale (£750 cost). Within a few weeks we can already see a significant difference in our kettle; with a shiny bottom rather than the calcium coated base before we used the Scalebreaker it does seem to be working! Hopefully we will now avoid any further large scale related bills.

Mr & Mrs T, Hampshire wrote:

3 years ago we replaced our Salt Water Softener with a Scalebreaker Unit, this has not only saved us lots of money in salt blocks, but have also found it a suitable replacement